Walking in the Morning, It’s Healthier

Some people prefer to go to the gym or take aerobics classes, but in reality, the exercise of walking in the morning similarly has benefits and makes the body stay cool throughout the day. Walking can be done by anyone (rich or poor) and anywhere without any expensive pieces of equipment.

This is due to the fact that the air and the environment generated in the mornings affect the body positively, stimulating all its functions to a greater extent and preparing it to carry out the various daily activities with a better mental predisposition. Thus, through obtaining a better mood all body vitals functions will improve as well as other benefits such as greater muscle flexibility, reduction of stress, strengthening of the joints, cardiac strengthening, and fat burning.

Before go walking in the morning, there are some points should keep in mind to get the more benefit, such as:

Make sure not to eat heavy foods one hour before walking, because digestion requires a large amount of energy from the body, representing an extra overload.

  1. Avoid busy roads, look for roads with natural landscapes that add to the exercise, providing greater mental relaxation, as well as greater oxygenation.
  2. Change your route once a week so you will not get bored and so this activity can become a healthy habit of life.
  3. If possible, try to vary the speed by briskly changing sections or time, for example; 2 minutes of fast walking and then 2 minutes of normal pace, look for your own rhythms, but above all “enjoy”.