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There is so much extent glory and everlasting beauty in nature. The nature has offering us with a lot of lovely, amazing and beautiful animal and plant species. We observe birds, wildlife, trees, forest, deserts, flowers, rain, snow falling, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, hills, islands and glaciers around us consistently. The perspective of the living things other than human beings makes us feel grateful to God for His blessings, gifts and wonders

World Nature News will cover everything from big questions regarding our universe to the road to mankind and how we arrived here; from understanding how life itself derive to the catastrophe that shaped our planet earth and the strange, wonderful and amazing behaviours of the species that call Planet Earth “home”.

We are gathering information on a variety of topics like wildlife, environment, travel, health, nature videos, technology, world, weather, climate change and environmental science. We live on Earth as we know it where we rely upon science and innovation for our regular daily existence; yet, practically nobody understands it. At World Nature News, by using open news media, we plan to make entangled science simpler to get it.

Save Water, Save Nature and Save the Planet Earth. Save the Environment and you will get Save the Life and Future.

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Editor Muhammad Umer Khan