The Shift Into  the “Corona Era” Congratulations, World

By Barbara McVeigh

We all experienced a shift unlike any other in the history of the world, as we know it. Across the world we rapidly moved our lifestyles from one of materialism, consumeristic travel and money agendas into one of safety and responsibility in order to conquer a disease. People across the world ceased their long time habits of purchasing non essential material goods and began to think more deeply about food choices. Like a wave of goodness, we began to nurture one another and recognize our pure individual existence has an influence on others. We also began to see how other people’s habits can influence our health resulting in potential life and death scenarios. As lock downs continued across the world, thousands returned to the earth to grow their own food and to contemplate the fragility of life. Congratulate yourself, world. We did it. 

Perhaps the intention was not unilaterally intended to improve our world into a more ecological responsible one. But no one can argue this hard fact that air pollution levels reduced around the world, including China, Italy and the United States. The oil industry is slowly crashing as the supply and demand chain has been broken. We are honoring our agricultural and food industry workers on a higher level, negating this long endured habit of honoring the billionaires and power that wealth brings. The real power is our health and being supported by loved ones. Congratulate yourself world. We did it. 

The Corona Virus could be considered a blessing in our world. Like a mother who nurtures her children and doles out hard lessons at times, we could see this disease be nothing less than a coronation welcoming us into a brighter, more responsible existence, a new era. The path has been set for us.

Soon we’ll be required to honor this calling, understanding that we had losses. But the losses could have been far greater. As we recognize the era of responsibility, nurturing and heeling that needs to begin, and that the disease has not stopped, that of our poisoning our foods, water and air, we can be confident that we have the capacity to change and change rapidly in order to curb any disease, especially that of the mind.  

With the rise of ocean acidification, our entire oxygen supply is at stake. As the vibrant Amazon Jungles are reduced to  stumps and ash, we must awaken that we know we have the power to continue this vibrant shift, as we’ve proved to ourselves these last months. Recognizing the cruelty toward all sentient beings, we can understand there is no room in this world for such behavior. Recognizing the thousands who have died is no match to the millions who die each year, many women and children, in war ravaged countries or communities suffering from famine or lack of healthcare. Life is sacred. All life.

We have the tools at our disposal to show our children that our generation across the world can be a powerhouse for change and responsible living. One day our children will look back to our generation and say “look what they did for us.” 

We can do it.  A pure shift in consciousness. “We, the people” across the world have shown that we can be the change for the next generation. It’s not about the billionaires or even our political leaders. It’s about the people. 

Welcome to the “Corona Era”.  . . the crowning of a new world of good.











Barbara McVeigh

Filmmaker, Writer, TV/Radio Host, Activist and Educator

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