Transgender, Respect For All

By Drousham Balouch

Department of Microbiology, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology Karachi Pakistan.

We are mother or father, brother or  sister, son or daughter, grandfather or grandmother, uncle or aunt, niece or nephew and simply discriminated as Male and Female but when it comes to discuss or talk about transgenders, then the conversation ends up with a question mark.

Welcome to the 21st century which is considered the era of change, equality and human rights. If we follow the statistic of 1 out of 1000 then 7 million people are transgender, who are the most neglected one in our society. As Male and Female, Khawaja Sira is also a gender which needs our prime concern and attention.

Sadly, when such kids are born, despite of accepting, parents consign them to the GURU’s who manipulate their human dignity by using the third gender for the purpose of earning livelihood by training them the art of begging or by disposing them as prostitutes. Khawaja Sira are fighting for their basic human rights such as education, employment, housing, public places and restrooms of course. There are many barriers that transgenders face in receiving health care, securing identification documents with the name and gender that accurately reflect their identity.

People don’t even consider them humans, and mock when they see one around. Don’t they deserve respect? Are they only supposed to dance and beg?

Transgender, Respect For All