Department of Environmental Science, FUUAST Organized A “Beach Cleanup Day” at Sea View, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Department of Environmental Science, Federal Urdu University as part of its community social responsibility organized a beach cleanup day at Sea view Karachi. Large number of students participated in this beach cleaning campaign, including Department of Environmental Science teachers Dr. Nida Ali, Dr. Muhammad Usama Zafar, Muhammad Umer Khan, Waqar Ahmad, Maria Shariq, Atif Nizam, Saira Ali and Kanza Abid. The aim of the campaign was to create environmental awareness in society and to maintain the natural environment on the earth. Teachers also guided the students about the worth and significance of cleaning beach day.

The event was a drive towards better and cleaner environment and an effort to raise awareness for a cleaner and healthier environment among citizens. We have started our campaign on morning from the point of Village hotel to pick trash and cleaned the way to McDonald’s at Sea view, while spreading awareness about the importance of keeping the beach clean.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Nida Ali, Sea view is one of Karachi most common beach, which experience thousands of visitors every day. This result in littering along the scenic shore.

This event was organized to contribute in sustaining the beauty of our beach. Further said, such activities of keeping the environment clean and hygienic are of enormous importance for a healthy living. To achieve this target, each and every individual needs to do his best in controlling pollution. The elders should educate the younger generation about the hazards of pollution.

Dr. Muhammad Usama Zafar said, Pakistan has blessed with a diversity of natural environments and our coast lines are one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. However, pollution from sewage, industrial effluents and littering are serious threats for the marine habitat. This beach cleaning activity played a vital part in increasing awareness and creates a sense of responsibility for the environment among our citizens

Giving comments about beach clean activity, Waqar Ahmad said due to rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization, Karachi is facing various sort of environmental degradation. Among these, marine pollution is very prominent which not only destroys marine life but also causes serious health hazards to visitors as well. This event is a great effort of increasing awareness to peoples and to give our contribution in saving the environment.

Talking about on beach clean activity, Maria Shariq said ocean trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution issues of our time. Much more than an eyesore, trash in the water and on the shore affects the health of people, wildlife and economy. Almost half of the mangroves forest has been destroyed so far; releasing of harmful untreated effluents turned the Clifton coast worst habitat where no species can survive.

While Speaking to Muhammad Umer Khan, he told about Arabian sea and its coasts are delivering such immensely important and irreplaceable services that it can be truly named as father/mother of Karachi i.e., pro-visionary, regulatory and supporting services. But what we are rendering in return? Garbage, sewage and hazardous effluents!!! The beach cleanup program was organized to intensify our fading bond with nature because we don’t have its alternative. We just have few venues for recreation and habitat for the biodiversity flora and fauna. We are treating them unwisely. It seems that we assume ourselves as proprietor instead of stewards. As sea influences more on the life of peoples living near to it, so if we pollute our sea, we will face the consequences in return. We must stop harming our fragile coasts (Ecosystems) immediately otherwise the scenic beauties would be just available in history.