23 12, 2019

Environmental Economics

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Environmental Economics In modern times where globalization wins the headlines of the media, it seems to show an apparent lack of interest in environmental conservation, but in reality it is not, true economic integration must go hand in hand with the implementation of regulatory measures that do not restrict economic activity and that contribute to

23 12, 2019

The Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

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The Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables The consumption of vegetables contributes to the organism certain nutritional properties that are indispensable in the daily diet. Fruits and vegetables contain innumerable properties and health benefits and are postulated as powerful antioxidants. These in turn are determined by their chromatic composition. The recommended consumption by the experts

23 12, 2019

Amur Leopard of Love

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Amur Leopard of Love The Amur leopard of love is a mammal of the family "felidae". This carnivore is unfortunately one of the most endangered cats in the world. Since 1996, the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) has classified this species as critically endangered. "Panthera pardus orientalis", of its scientific name, is

22 12, 2019

African Wild Dog

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African Wild Dog The African wild dog is a carnivorous species, which as its name says, inhabits the African continent, it is also known by these names: African hunting dog, cape hunting dog, painted dog, painted hunting dog, dog spotted, painted wolf and ornamental wolf and in this post we will know more information about

22 12, 2019

Indus River Dolphin Sindh, Pakistan.

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Indus River Dolphin Sindh, Pakistan. The Indus river Dolphin or Indus blind Dolphin (Platanista minor) world's rarest animal found in the freshwater of the Indus River near Sukkur town in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Dolphin locally known as “Bulhan” occurs only in the Indus river. The estimated remaining population of Indus river Dolphins is

13 12, 2019

Walking in the Morning, It’s Healthier

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This is due to the fact that the air and the environment generated in the mornings affect the body positively, stimulating all its functions to a greater extent and preparing it to carry out the various daily activities with a

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