Top 10 largest mobile companies in the world


Samsung is the world’s 1st largest mobile company leading the smartphones market all over the world having started in 1938. Samsung is a South Korean company and presently ruling smartphone companies globally. Samsung mobiles are preferred in the world. Samsung mobiles phones are built to have good durability, best displays, unique features, available budget, mid-range, flexible smartphones and Samsung mobile phones are also known for great screens.


Apple mobile company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne.  Apple currently 2nd largest mobile company in the world. Apple is the top global mobile phone brand in the whole world because known for its classy iPhones.  Apple is the world addict of the iPhone. Apple has been able to maintain the quality of its products.


Huawei is a chinese multinational technology company founded in 1987, is the 3rd largest smartphone company in the world. Huawei is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world based in China and Huawei has global presence in more than 170 countries. Honor- Huawei smartphone is widely popular around the world.  Huawei served the people good with its best mobiles phones. By 2020 Huawei claims that it will surpass apple’s position in the global mobile market.


MI Xiaomi is the 4th largest mobile company in the world. MI company was launched in China in the year 2010.  Its redmi note and redmi note pro brand mobiles are liked all over the world. Xiaomi gives a good quality mobile phones in cheap price.


Oppo China based smartphone brand is one of the most prominent new company, 5th largest mobile company  in the world started in 2004. Oppo has produced a wide range of smartphones. Oppo’s phones are also liked around the world.


Vivo is considered the 6th largest mobile company in the world Vivo company was launched in 2009. Vivo manufacturer of smartphones, smartphone accessories  and  software. Vivo offers mid-range  smartphones Vivo company liked all over the world. Vivo mobile company is focusing on asia and africa.


One plus mobile company is the 7th leading mobile company in the world. One plus smartphone company is now taking over the smartphones market. One Plus has one of the best smartphones out there. They come with great features and has the best configurations as well.


Lenovo is a chinese multinational technology company currently 8th largest  mobiles company in the world, Lenovo was founded in the capital of China in 1984.  Lenovo smartphones are quite budget friendly and lenovo has a number of smartphones. Lenovo also sells a variety of highly compatible laptops. Lenovo laptops and mobiles presence in almost 180 countries,  Lenovo  is a  one of the top global mobile company.

9. LG

LG company  is a 9th popular brand of mobile in the world founded in 1958 LG is South Korean. LG is a south korean electronics company. LG launched its first android smartphone in 2009. LG is known for G series smartphones around the world. As well as, LG provides a wide range T.V., washing machine  and refrigerators etc. LG having a strong global presence.

10. NOKIA 

Nokia is a 10th largest smartphones mobile company in the world founded in 1865. Finnish multinational telecommunications company Nokia launched first mobile phone in the world.  Nokia brands is widely known for its durability.